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Previews and Extracts of books

Click on one of the books below to read an extract/story from it. 

Juan Luis woke one morning with murder on his mind; even the elderly are subject to passion. In the sleepy, Spanish town of Canos de Belleza, a tale of jealousy and betrayal unfolds in KISSES FROM THE SUN.

What is the secret behind the desolate, burned-down pier? When two strangers meet on a windswept shore, one of them holds the answer. A heart-rending tragedy emerges in THE PIER.

A pirate takes the secret of Captain Kidd’s treasure to his grave – or does he? Find out in the swash-buckling AS I SAILED, AS I SAILED.

No one will want to encounter the leprechaun that Murphy did, in UNDER THE RAINBOW.

Anyone can dance…if they have Fred Astaire’s shoes…in the romantic CHEEK TO CHEEK.

Mysterious, thrilling, romantic and amusing these 18 eclectic tales will keep you enthralled throughout, and includes The Pier, a former winner of the William Van Wert Award.


Click on the book below to read an extract/story from it. 

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“Murder creeps up on you like a fox…” So says Aaron Baum, P.I., in ‘A Wrong Time to Die’.


Manhattan. Four forty-four on Christmas Day, 1949. A beautiful woman is murdered. It’s a hell of a time to die; is there ever a good one? Having asked for his help Baum now feels compelled to find her killer. The mob aren’t keen that he should…


The above is one of six atmospheric cases for a private investigator who prefers the quiet life tailing adulterous spouses. But the corpses just seem to fall right in his path.


The Lady in the Room

A Wrong Time to Die

A Business of Chance

The One-Ahead Murders

Suspicion in Seattle

The Man who knew too Little

Tough and cynical, but nobler than he thinks, Baum stands tall against the mobsters and menace on the streets of New York. The city with a smile on its lips and a bellyful of lies.

Click on the book below to read an extract/story from it. 

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What would you do if you saw a man push his wife overboard…or were you mistaken? A game of cat and mouse on a cruise ship ensues in Suspicion - is it the perfect murder?


A traveller stumbles across a chilling gothic tragedy in Lighthouse Eddy;


A veteran of Afghanistan discovers who really cares in The New Samaritan;


A Good Russian plots to save the country he loves, and;


A Manhattan detective discovers something about himself during his latest case in The Lady in the Room.


By turn humorous, mysterious, thought provoking but always enthralling, these eclectic short stories and 16 others from the Light and Dark sides of life are the perfect quick pick & mix read for coffee breaks, while travelling, or to escape the humdrum.


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