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An interesting and exciting dramatic production took place at Mornington Hall, Chingford from Wednesday 10th May to Saturday 13th May! 


An evening of eight short plays in a single evening gave new writers and directors the opportunity to showcase their talents. 

One of the plays was adapted by Marcus Scroop from the short story 'Cheek to Cheek' taken from my book Kisses from the Sun. With tap dancers and music it was a fun and romantic piece and under his direction the cast performed wonderfully, with a comedic element introduced and a lovely romantic dance to conclude  - to the music of the eponymous song sung by the elegant Fred Astaire naturally!


The whole production - Creative Streak - was by the popular CADOS, the Chingford Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society; having attended on the final evening I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of the plays performed, which ranged from tragedy to farce (intentional!) and each was well acted and directed with excellent back and front stage support by a company that, I believe, has been in existence in one form or another since around 1945.  


For further productions by this welcoming group here is link to the CADOS web site: 

 What's on? | CADOS | Chingford Theatre Group

Cheek to Cheek play from the short story by C.G. Harris
Cheek to Cheek play adapted from the short story by C.G.Harris
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